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Tile Service 

Do you want versatile flooring that is just as beautiful as practical? With all the choices today, it's a nightmare to know what s best. Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Slate Tile, Marble Tile, Granite Tile, Travertine Tile, tile for the floor, the bathroom, and the Kitchen the list goes on and on. Laying tile is one of those jobs that your only help is YouTube and many questions if you're not sure. Let the professionals at Mr. Handyman take this and get the job done right. Because in the long run, Money is time. 
You buy it and, we will lay it. 

There are many places to buy or just price flooring; Home Depot is always a favorite, but don't count out Flooring Amerca

TIP: Did you know that you might not have to tear off that old floor to put a new one down? Yes, another tip you might ask your installer is to place the new floor over the old floor without tearing it out and making a big mess—another Bob Vila quick tip.

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