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The Handle Jiggle

There are a few running water experiences that most of us find anything but relaxing — the sound of a leaky faucet, water dripping in the shower, or running toilet water.

You know that sound right after you flush that keeps going and going and going, and then what do you do? You jiggle the handle. Did you know that one in five toilets leaks? While that number may surprise you, the fact of the matter is that new leaks are constantly occurring.

Not all toilet leaks provide sound effects making it hard to know when to fix your leaky toilets. Silent leaks rack up bills, too; you don't hear the problem. So it just becomes money down the drain.

The EPA estimates that toilet flushes account for nearly 30 percent of your average water consumption per day. And that's when it's working correctly. Did you know a running toilet can waste an entire gallon of water in 30 seconds? Running toilet water wastes approximately 25 times more water than shower leaks. Recent advancements have allowed toilets to use 1.28 gallons per flush or less while providing equal or superior performance. This is 20 percent less water than the current federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. The WaterSense label is used on independently certified toilets to meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. Only water-saving toilets that complete the certification process can earn the WaterSense label.

Whether remodeling a bathroom, starting construction of a new home or simply replacing an old, leaky toilet that is wasting money and water, installing a WaterSense labeled toilet is a high-performance, water-efficient option worth considering. WaterSense labeled toilets are available at a wide variety of price points and various styles. In many areas, utilities offer rebates and vouchers that can lower the price of a WaterSense labeled toilet.

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