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6 Home Repair Hacks That You Wish You Knew Sooner!

It is intimidating and sometimes straight-out scary to tackle a home project or repair, but what if it doesn’t have to be? You can search on Youtube for hours for a simple solution but end up with something that requires specialized tools and so many steps that you feel like you’re putting furniture together from IKEA. Forget the ‘tab A to slot B’ gimmicks, and let’s get to the bottom line of how to do it simply without wasting hours of your time in research that is far beyond your capabilities. These real solutions can be used for even the hardest headache-inducing home repair problems. Let’s save you time, money, and most of all, stress!

Use Glue To Keep Screws Together

You’d think that installing a simple screw was easy, but it's not always that easy. Screws roll away, slip off, fall out of your grip, and you end up searching for where they fell – most cases under the couch!
God help you if you need to screw it in at an angle for hanging a picture frame, but don’t worry – you don’t need to call the professionals. There’s a simple solution in the form of rubber glue. Just put a dot of rubber glue on the tip of your screwdriver, and it will hold! No more slipping screws that go off on their own. They stay in place and let you finish your work quickly!

Fill Nail Holes with Toothpaste

One of the joys of moving into a new place is decorating and making the space your own by hanging up your art and photography. The problem is when you’re ready to move on, and your picture frames have left behind deep holes where you nailed or screwed their hangers in. Leaving holes can affect your ability to receive your whole deposit back, but there’s a simple hack to remove them! Just use white
toothpaste. Fill the holes with a dab of white toothpaste and let it harden. Just wipe off the excess, and it looks like there was never anything there. It even works on brick so give it a try.

Soak Tiles Before Cutting Them

Cutting tiles can be one of the most frustrating and messy home repairs out there. So before you start crying over cracked and unusable tiles, learn this hack!
Start by making a small precut (or even use a rivet) into the tile before you make the initial cut. The term
“measure twice cut once” applies here. Measure and trace out the cut before you do it to ensure the cut is completely planned out. Then soak the end of the tile in some water for a few hours.
The difference between wet and dry will make it easy to cut off the pieces you don’t need.

Use Soap To Silence Noisy Wood Drawers

I moved into a beautiful home with an all-wood kitchen and was in love with it until I tried out the drawers. The nail-biting screeching is something that’s crept into my nightmares. It's so easy to procrastinate because you don’t really know how to fix it, and it doesn’t bother you unless you use it again and suddenly remember, ‘I HAVE TO FIX THIS OR I’LL GO MAD!’.
The solution is so easy that you’ll be embarrassed that you lost sleep over it. Get a bar of soap
and rub it along the offending drawer’s rails. It quiets up again, and your nightmares will stop! Picture rights belong to Makely Home; if you want to know more, visit her site. HERE

Use Tape To Easily Hang Predrilled Frames

We admit that this hack came from Youtube DIY videos, but we’ve saved you the time of sitting through countless videos to learn it. The problem with predrilled frames is figuring out where to place the nails. You never get it right the first time or the second, and good luck on the third because you have nail holes across your wall by then. Don’t bother with guessing, and do what the DIY experts have taught us. Use some masking tape that’s easy to remove and hold the frame over the tape. Use a pencil to mark where the holes go. Remove the frame and put the nails in where you marked. Rip off the tape and hang your frame. Perfect the first time! To learn more, visit Thriving Home, and get some more great ideas. HERE

Renew Your Showerhead With Vinegar

Vinegar is something we automatically have in stock in our homes. From laundry to cleaning, it is included in so many home hacks that we can’t list them here. Showerheads often lose their water pressure as its slowed down due to time and water calcification. Don’t put up with bad showers or spending lots of money on fancy new attachments. This is just too easy to fix. Fill a plastic bag halfway with vinegar, tie it (or better use a rubber band) around the showerhead and let it soak overnight. By morning the water pressure will have improved – dare I say, overnight!

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